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About Seymour Rosenthal

Born in 1921 and raised in The Bronx, New York City, Seymour Joseph Rosenthal was a child of the Great Depression. A self taught artist from the age of 5 until his last days, his art features Yiddish spirituality, culture and daily life combined with the everyday struggle of the working class.

The funds obtained through this auction will be essential to make both Yiddishland and our Yiddish Theater Academy a reality, allowing us to fulfill our ultimate goal of promoting and preserving Yiddish language and culture both on the West Coast and internationally. If you are interested in Jewish contemporary art and would like to contribute to our cause, consider participating.

About YAAANA & Yiddishland

The Yiddish Arts and Academics Association of North America (YAAANA) is a La Jolla-based growing non-profit that strives to preserve Yiddish language and culture through the organization of both in-person and online cultural events, language classes and theater performances both in America and around the world.

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Letters of Recognition


Letter from Alfred H. Barr Jr.

Founding Director of the Museum of Modern Art, to Steven Kayser director of the Jewish Museum Mar 27, 1958.

Letter From Senior Curator Steven Miller

Museum of the City of New York – Nov 1st, 1985.

Letter from NY Public Library

Curator Roberta Waddell – June 12, 1992.

Official White House Letter

From sitting President Barack Obama to Seymour’s daughter Maxine Melzer Dec 2, 2015.

Official White House Letter

From Sitting President Richard Nixon July 17, 1973.

Letter From Rose A. Conway

Secretary to past President Harry S Truman – Harry S Truman Library, Independence Missouri July 24, 1972.

Response letter from Actor Kirk Douglas

Upon receiving art 1999.

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Seymour Rosenthal’s Auctioned Items

Gutting a Fish

Making Kasha

The Butcher

The Philosophers

The Bird Feeders

The Pickle Lady

Holiday Shopping

In The Park