Guri Stark

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Fiddler on The Roofs

22″ x 30″

Tribute to March Chagall

Fiddler on The Roofs


View from Above

30″ x 22″

From The Series: One Foot Here, One Foot There 

View from Above


About Guri Stark

A unique artist, author and musician trapped in the body of an engineer, Guri has been painting in watercolors for over 30 years.

“My passion is to capture unique moments and portray feelings and emotions. 
In my paintings and in my books I attempt to convey my combined love of art and music. I find inspiration in the beauty of the shapes of music instruments and of the human figure.”

Born in Israel, Guri moved to the United States 35 years ago. With his distinctively strong and brilliant watercolors, Guri made a name for himself as an artist in Israel, Denver Colorado, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, California where he participated in numerous shows, exhibitions and galleries.

Guri’s recently published books portraying the intersection of three generations, moving between three continents, and reflecting different life perspectives

“Art is the most sincere way to express feelings. People can pretend, stretch the truth or lie about who they are and what they feel, but, there are no lies in a painting.”

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