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Guri Stark


Inspired by Marc Chagall, Stark was born in Israel and paints with bright watercolors, revealing his color-rich and expressionistic style.
A picture of Guri Stark.

About Guri Stark

Guri Stark is a Jewish artist born in Israel who has been honing his watercolor talents for over forty years. His work has been displayed in various exhibits across California, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and in San Diego, his current home base. Stark’s art is recognized globally and he is known for creating vibrant watercolor paintings that illustrate his love for the arts and music. His primary inspiration comes from the shapes he encounters in everyday life, specifically, human silhouettes and musical instruments. Stark’s parents lived in Poland and lost their entire families during the Holocaust. He is the product of triumph, as his parents survived the persecution against them in the war and later immigrated to Israel, where they met. Although Stark earned a degree in  mechanical engineering his interests later shifted to be more entrepreneurial in the technology industry after his move to the United States thirty-seven years ago. Soon after retiring from his position of CEO at a technology company in 2018, Stark decided to pursue his passion for art on a full-time basis. Stark made significant contributions over the past fifteen years to the democratization of art history, reaching thousands of people through his global lectures. In his popular lectures, Stark covers famous artists’ styles and the historical events that inspired them. Stark is also a talented writer and continues to impact many through writings of his personal as well as his parents experiences. Stark’s recent book titled, “Third Wind and Three Oceans Away” honors his parent’s survival story while portraying his love for the arts.

As the son of Holocaust survivors, Israeli artist, writer, and a techie, Guri Stark, is most noted for his use of vibrant colors and strong shapes in his watercolor paintings.

Featured Paintings 

Fiddler on The Roofs

22″ x 30″

Tribute to March Chagall

A painting of Fiddler on the Roof by Guri Stark.

Fiddler on The Roofs


View from Above

30″ x 22″

From The Series: One Foot Here, One Foot There

A painting of View from Above by Guri Stark.

View from Above


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