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About Oleg Tsank

Oleg Tsank was born in Ukraine in a scenic town flanked by the Dnieper River. Having grown up in a family of avid readers, Oleg has loved books since childhood, which bolstered his creativity when he later transferred his imaginative ideas to art.  After moving to the United States, in middle school, Oleg discovered reproductions of classic artworks and became inspired by masters like Chaim Soutine, Amadeo Modigliani, Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, and the Expressionists. He started drawing in graphite and ink while still in middle school and by the time he reached high school he began painting in oils, deciding to become a professional artist.

Oleg works in several genres, including portraiture, landscapes, and still life. An excellent colorist, with a keen awareness of reality, he focuses on unique atmospheric forces surrounding living organisms and objects. Intrigued by the ways in which such forces shape the visible world and having been inspired by the School of Paris as well as the Expressionists, Oleg prefers that his painting not be photographically precise. With everything around us constantly evolving, he does not mirror an accurate appearance of people and their surroundings. Instead, he interprets such movement through spontaneous marks and brush strokes, using an efficient palette. Oleg’s paintings and drawings reflect the turbulent and fleeting nature of reality. To convey this reality, he works with a variety of media, including oils, acrylics, pen and ink, oil pastels, graphite, and charcoal. Being a dedicated professional, he exclusively employs archival quality materials in his work so that they may last and keep their original color profile for as long as possible. Oleg’s captivating style resonates with people around the world, both at home and abroad.

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Featured Paintings 

Still Life with a Crow

Art – 20″ x 24″ Price: $2,980

The Autumn House

Art – 22″ x 28″

Price: $3,200

Self Portrait

Art – 24″ x 30″ Price: $3,750

Mostly Sunny

Art – 20″ x 24″ Price: $2,980

Still Life with Bottle

Art – 22″ x 28″ Price: $3,200

Sunflower House

Art – 22″ x 28″ Price: $3,200

Landscape with palmtrees

Art – 22″ x 28″ Price: $3,200


Price: $3,750

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