Yoga in Yiddish with Tanya Yakovleva

Relax your mind and body in a Yiddish Yoga session with English translation.

Yiddish Grammar with Katerina Kuznetsova

Learn about Yiddish grammar in a variety of seminars and workshop sessions.

New Course of Judeo-Spanish (Ladino) for Beginners

Students will get acquainted with a fascinating world of Sephardic folk culture.

Leah, Teddy & the Mandolin – Cape Town Embraces Yiddish Song – A Movie Screening

Presenting a story of warmth and spirit crossing generations and rekindling an appreciation for the rich contribution of Yiddish song from Eastern Europe to Broadway, Cape Town and beyond.

Who We Are 

Yiddishland California in La Jolla is the physical space of a non-profit organization called the Yiddish Arts and Academics Association of North America (YAAANA). Our EIN number is 85-2064877. Yiddishland California’s  mission is to expand awareness of the beauty and joy of Yiddishkeit and to preserve and advance Yiddish language and culture within the US and worldwide. Our events and offerings include concerts, performances, language and art classes, lectures, exhibits, and much more. We educate and entertain while offering both in-person and online participation for those who are local or far-flung. People of all ages and backgrounds are invited to attend our programs. 

Yiddishland California tours are by appointment. Feel free to book a tour here below. 

If you see an activity inside and the lights on, please come in to say hello and wander around our exhibit! 

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Yiddishland California tours are by appointment. Feel free to book a tour by contacting us.