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Our Future Project


We envision an immersive, shtetl-inspired, multigenerational community for Yiddish and non-Yiddish speakers alike. The word shtetl (literally meaning “little town”) is a diminutive of the Yiddish word shtot, meaning town. The word originates from the Proto-Indo-European root “sta,” meaning to stand, make, or be firm. As the origin of the word suggests, we plan to build a permanent Yiddish cultural institution, spreading our love of the Yiddish language and culture for many years to come.

The Details

We are hoping to create a mixed-usage community that will incorporate six guest rooms and a museum, detailing the history of shtetlekh (small Jewish towns in Eastern Europe) and of Yiddish-speaking Jews in California. Year round, we will continue offering daily Yiddish language and culture classes, weekly gatherings such as shabes dinners and Yiddish exercise sessions, and monthly special events, including Yiddish wedding recreations, fashion shows, and theater performances. Three times a year, we will welcome multigenerational students for intensive in-person and online winter, spring, and summer programming. Additionally, we will have activities for all our guests, no matter their age. For example, we will feature tech-savvy educational tools for teenagers and millennials, and we will organize family-friendly activities including Yiddish educational programs for children of all ages.

Shtetl Room Design of Yiddishland

Dining Room

Living Room