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Founder Jana Mazurkiewicz Meisarosh in an interview

Yiddish Book Center / Jana Mazurkiewicz Meisarosh’s Oral History

a crowd in Yiddishland California observing a speaker


The Brave Yiddish Startup / Forverts


author Tanya Yakovl­e­va giv­ing a lec­ture in a bookstore


Diary of a Yiddish Teacher During the War, Tanya Yakovleva / In Geveb


Founder Jana Mazurkiewicz Meisarosh with KUSI’s Jenny Milkowski on “Good Morning San Diego”


Yiddishland California celebrates Jewish holiday Purim Simkhe / Kusi News


a crowd in Yiddishland California


Yiddishland California / Atlas Obscura


Founder Jana Mazurkiewicz Meisarosh posing for camera next to another man


Yiddishland brings Eastern Europe to Village of La Jolla / Sdnews


Founder Jana Mazurkiewicz Meisarosh holding a girl's hand and documents in the other for the camera in front of Yiddishland California



La Jolla by The Sea / La Jolla Limelight: Yiddishland


Founder Jana Mazurkiewicz Meisarosh and volunteer Denise Rosenblatt posing for camera in Yiddishland California



La Jolla Light / ‘It’s needed here’: Yiddishland California Shares Jewish Culture


Forward logo

Forverts / San Diego Yiddish organization, YAAANA, now has a physical space


Founder Jana Mazurkiewicz Meisarosh posing next to filmmaker Ariela Alush

L’chaim Magazine / For the Love of Yiddish


The Wall Street Journal


Designing a Flag for Yiddish Takes Chutzpah