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About us

Who We Are

Yiddishland California in La Jolla is the cultural center and a museum created by a non-profit organization called the Yiddish Arts and Academics Association of North America (YAAANA). Our mission is to expand awareness of the beauty and joy of Yiddishkeit and to preserve and advance Yiddish language and culture within the US and worldwide. Our events and offerings include concerts, performances, language and art classes, lectures, exhibits, and much more. We educate and entertain while offering both in-person and online participation for those who are local or far-flung. People of all ages and backgrounds are invited to attend our programs. 

Yiddishland California tours are by appointment. Feel free to book a tour by emailing info@yiddishland.ca, by calling 858-220-2992, or click on the tour button below.

a crowd observing the interior of Yiddishland's entrance
a crowd listening to a speaker in the Yiddishland building

Our Future Project

We are hoping to create a mixed-usage community that will incorporate six guest rooms and a museum, detailing the history of shtetlekh (small Jewish towns in Eastern Europe) and of Yiddish-speaking Jews in California.

Special Thanks To

  • Ethan Davis, for designing the Yiddishland logo and poster.
  • Terence Mattera, for designing the weekly newsletter.
  • Lin Lin and Kendal Eastwood, for rendering the interiors of the proposed cottages.
  • German Alonso, for coordinating the graphic design and web design teams.
  • Fred Peticucci and Ella Edelstein for sketching the interiors of the rooms.
  • Kalp Champaneri, Aishwarya Suresh and Subah lqbal for rendering the exteriors of the proposed cottages.

Interns and Volunteers

Explore our internship and volunteering offers! We look forward to working with you.