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Chinese Jade Grape Statue



This jade grape statue has two kinds of fruits, emerald green and purple red, which are plump and shiny. Flat leaves and curved vines form a pattern around the fruits. The vines are made of wires wrapped with green string, which is bendable for preferred adjustment and orientation of the vines. The texture of the fruits and leaves is the natural texture of jade with no visible damage to the texture. The branches are bright in color and realistic in texture. The base is composed of jade and hardwood with some scuffs. It has little effect on the overall beautiful shape of the ornament. Great used condition, please see pictures as reference.
Condition: Used
Seller Notes: “Great used condition, please see pictures as reference.”
Type: Sculpture
Item Length: 8.6 in
Item Width: 7.6 in
Item Weight: 1,292g


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