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Emil Für

b. 1967  Budapest, Hungary

A picture of Emil Für.

Emil is a person who is always dreaming, and his dreams are colorful, moving, multilingual moving images. That is, they are just like him. Although he is a Hungarian Jew from Budapest, he is actually a world resident who lived for years in Israel and England, and is therefore a Hungarian-English- Israeli citizen of the world: he is at home where he works.

Bio: 1990: Teacher Training College in Budapest, majoring in drawing; 1995: the Károly Eszterházy Teacher Training College in Eger, majoring in drawing; 1996-98: Hebrew University of Jerusalem, art history major. Memories of childhood and toy figures appear in his paintings. In his graphics, the figures of everyday life, the bourgeois characters of the 20s and 30s of the century, and today Israeli Hasidim come to life. The dark tone of his early works brightened and became brighter after the years spent in Israel. He often applies souvenirs to his works. Installation became an important element of his exhibitions.

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