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Dear Applicant,

Ignite Your Technical Passion and Join Our Dynamic Team!

The data analysis internship is aimed at developing and fostering analytical skills that will enable the intern to perform, evaluate, and present relevant information from both descriptive and predictive statistical analysis on discrete and continuous quantitative data by using different techniques, including but not limited to, linear regression, correlations, Bayesian networks, as well as decision trees. Interns are expected to work independently, as well as to have a basic background in descriptive and predictive statistics, including basic skills in data visualization. Being proficient in R programming language is a plus but not strictly required.

Our interns receive free access to all YAAANA and Yiddishland California events and classes as well as to the YAAANA and Yiddishland California archives. Internships are unpaid, but can be taken for college credit. We offer in-person and remote internships.

Key Responsibilities and Duties

1. Collect, purge, and select the relevant data and variables to perform an analytical summary of our main website and its performance during the year 2023, focusing on the total number of views and regions from which the website was visited.
2. Propose an algorithmic framework to use a suitable predictive model based on the previously collected data, capable of estimating the expected website’s performance for 2024. (ideally, the R programming language and platform should be used).
3. Present the relevant data and suggest a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and marketing strategy to tackle the vulnerabilities and areas of opportunity identified during the previous analysis.


Work Experience & Skills

1. Theoretical and practical experience doing descriptive statistical analysis, including the calculation of measures of central tendency and dispersion, frequency histograms, and basic data visualization.
2. Basic experience with statistical hypothesis testing techniques and standard error calculation and interpretation in the context of an inferential analysis for normally and non-normally distributed data.
3.  Familiarity with WordPress and the Google Search Console, as well as the Google Analytics platform.
4.  R programming skills (desired).
5.  Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.


Learning Objectives

1. Interns will gain further experience and skills to perform a predictive statistical analysis on discrete and continuous data, by using existing models and techniques.
2. Interns will foster their critical reading skills of relevant scientific and technical literature, enabling them to choose the optimal model for their data structure and task.
3. Interns will expand their data visualization skills, allowing them to explain the results and outcomes of their analysis to a wide range of audiences, including the general public and key non-profit decision-makers, regardless of their previous technical knowledge.
4. Interns will gain familiarity with secular Jewish culture and the Yiddish language.


Estimated Duration

Full-time: preferably 8, minimum 6-week engagement with a minimum commitment of 40 hours per week.
Part-time: preferably 16, minimum 12 week engagement with a minimum commitment of 20 hours per week.
Longer internships with a less demanding time commitment are available upon request.

If an intern wishes to receive academic credit for the internship, it is their responsibility to check with their academic institution for approval prior to beginning the position.

Some educational institutions require prior approval before the start of an internship. It is the responsibility of the student to check with their institution to be sure they meet any requirements before they accept a position.

How to Apply

To apply for this position, please send a cover letter and resume to Jana Mazurkiewicz Meisarosh at: info@yiddishland.ca. Questions? Please call us at: 619-719-1776.