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The Details:

We are hoping to create a mixed-usage community that will incorporate six
guest rooms and a museum, detailing the history of shtetlekh (small Jewish
towns in Eastern Europe) and of Yiddish-speaking Jews in California. Year-round, we will continue offering daily Yiddish language and culture classes,
weekly gatherings such as shabes dinners and Yiddish exercise sessions,
and monthly special events, including Yiddish wedding recreations, fashion
shows, and theater performances…

The Details Cont:

Three times a year, we will welcome
multigenerational students for intensive in-person and online winter,
spring, and summer programming. Additionally, we will have activities for
all our guests, no matter their age. For example, we will feature tech-savvy
educational tools for teenagers and millennials, and we will organize family-friendly activities including Yiddish educational programs for children of
all ages.

Next Steps:

Our next steps are to generate interest and start raising funds to bring our idea to life. We are currently looking for members of the future Yiddishland
Founders’ Committee who would join us in our efforts to purchase a
suitable property. A property that is currently on the market, the Shell
Beach Bungalows, located in La Jolla, CA 92037, meets our criteria and could be easily converted into a small museum with six guest rooms…

Next Steps Cont:

All of ten available units are fully renovated and include modern amenities. Six of them would be furnished with shtetl-style furniture and made available to our guests for short and long-term rental. The rest of the property would become a museum and a cultural center with seminar rooms. Please find a detailed summary of the available property below.

Yiddishland California!

YAAANA come join us!

“You can take a Jew out of a shtetl, but you cannot take a shtetl out of a Jew”
– Sholem Aleichem


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